The Chronicles of Dekaydence trilogy

Book 3 of the satirical thriller series now available

“wholly innovative…a modern classic”  John Lloyd ~ Waterstones

The Chronicles of Dekaydence

– Book 1

Can three teenagers, a cake and designer trousers save the planet?  Find out more…

The Chronicles of Dekaydence

– Book 2

Corrupt powers rule the planet.  There are teenagers willing to die to save it.  Now one is prepared to kill.  Find out more…

The Chronicles of Dekaydence

– Book 3

The Phoenix has always known.  It’s not climate change but greed and corruption that’s killing the planet.  Find out more…

The Good….

Ruby Q Cooper, a wannabe journalist,
exploring the evil streets of

Will, a Scots prince seeks
out his brother’s killer

Piccolo, talented musician,
haunted by memories of abuse

Indigo, a queen-in-waiting

Grout, a techie whizz with a heart of gold

Petty Masters, Wild, whacky fashion guru, married to multi-limbed guitarist, Hunky Dore

The Bad….

Cataract, Dekaydence lab assistant whose
life is about to change dramatically

Fat Clown, furious, and

and The Heaven Sent….

God, of almighty ways and wonders

Mother Nature, a woman of keen eye and many ages

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