The Chronicles of Dekaydence

A fast-paced satirical trilogy

“wholly innovative…a modern classic”  John Lloyd, Waterstones

Susie Cornfield

Writer’s history

Journalist / Radio Critic / The Sunday Times
Columnist / Sunday Telegraph Magazine
Scriptwriter / Drama / Documentary/BBC TV
Presenter / Producer / United Artists TV
Founder / Publisher / Garret Books Ltd
Author / Lyricist / Vocalist / Tea Lady

'A racy, crazy, pacy book. Like Philip Pullman on speed'


Piers Plowright

'A compelling tale'


Sam Missingham

'insanely cool'


'Gritty, witty, imaginative action-packed story for all ages '

Isobel Mcllveen

'...reminds me of Mervyn Peake '

John Carey

’ Black Light makes me chuckle as it reminds me of the writing style of my dear uncle Edward Goldsmith

Zac Goldsmith



'Red Ice’ – now available as an iBook!

Rockstar Francis Rossi laughed out loud ever since reading the first line of Susie’s first book ‘Black Light’ in the Chronicles of Dekaydence trilogy and has been a Susie Cornfield and Dekaydence fan ever since, watching the development in words and…

‘Green Fire’ – now available as an iBook!

In the iBook ‘Green Fire‘ the song ‘Free Fall’ has Petty Masters stepping outside the pages of the original book to vent her spleen on the antics of banksters and meddling politicians. The full song and lots of other stuff is in this great new

‘Black Light’ – now available as an iBook!

This all new iBook edition of Black Light contains, as well as the digital Black Light, some fab Dekaydence theme music and animation to accompany the series and bring the books characters to life in new ways.  Here is a clip from one of the songs, where Mean Metal Mutt Cromarty, the lethal dustbin on legs (aka a haggoid), steps out of the original book pages for a moment to sing out his ‘Song of the Haggoid’ …

Try out my musical animation clips … the full versions are in the iBook editions – Susie

Imaginative Fiction

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